Best Buy Cities: Where to Invest In Housing In 2014

Best Buy Cities: Where to Invest In Housing In 2014.

If you have been waiting to invest in real estate, or have been thinking about investing – but not quite sure on where to put your money – NOW is the time to get out there and park your money in something that will provide a fantastic ROI (return on investment). DFW is growing and property is appreciating at high velocity. If you want to take a look at all the opportunity out there there, give me a call or shoot me an email about what you would like to do, whether you are looking to educate yourself or would like help finding a great investment property, I will do all that I can to assist you with whatever you need.

-Stephen Sandlin



Buying a Home? If You Can, Buy Two

Buying a Home? If You Can, Buy Two.

I gotta say…I am going to have to agree with Mr. Paulson on this one…this is a guy that knows what he is talking about. And when combining his thoughts on the matter with what I have been witnessing with my very own eyes for the past 5 months…its a great time to get out there and buy! Interest rates have started to creep up a bit, but who cares!? THEY ARE STILL INSANELY LOW!! And even prices are starting to rise, but once again SO WHAT?! Prices have been either down or even for the last few years, so these early price increases are just that: early price increases…that means we are AT THE BOTTOM FOLKS! Anyone familiar with the old phrase: “Buy low, sell high” I’m pretty sure this is what they were talking about when saying those words! Even if you can’t buy two houses, you should really consider buying just ONE! Don’t come to me in a year ask me why you can’t buy a house for XX amount or with a super low interest rate…you had your chance…well you actually HAVE your chance, present tense, RIGHT NOW! THIS IS THE TIME TO BUY! And it’s honestly a pretty good time to sell too! A lot of people are taking my advice to buy, and this is leaving the market very short on inventory…so if you have been thinking you may want to sell, you may want to consider that a little more closely. I have a client who is not even listed on the market yet, but we have already had an INSANE amount of buzz about his house…the three comps on his street that sold in the last few months, they ALL sold for UNDER FOUR DAYS and ABOVE ASK!! If anyone out there wants to talk about the possibility of either buying or selling, or both..please CALL ME!! I will do everything I can to help you come up with the best game plan, you will get a killer price selling and still make out like a bandit on your new home because of interest rates. CALL ME or EMAIL ME (817) 808 3150

I look forward to hearing from you all!

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Great New Community = Willow Ridge in HASLET Northwest ISD | DFW Home Builders/New Construction Build Zone

Great New Community = Willow Ridge in HASLET Northwest ISD | DFW Home Builders/New Construction Build Zone.

if you want to get some information on a newer community, with great up and coming potential then go check this one out! Follow the link in the post to a pinterest page with all available inventory/spec homes in the neighborhood!

Fast-paced Dallas housing market frustrating both buyers and agents | – News for Dallas, Texas – The Dallas Morning News

Fast-paced Dallas housing market frustrating both buyers and agents | – News for Dallas, Texas – The Dallas Morning News.

I have been talking about the state of the market for a few months now. We are in midst of an incredibly hot, very active market in which a large percentage of listings are receiving multiple, multiple, MULTIPLE offers within days of going on the market. Everyone that has been waiting on the sidelines for the past few years, for whatever reason, have all seemed to agree with each other that NOW is the time to buy.

In a “normal” market there should be 6 month’s worth of available inventory — we are down to just two months of available inventory. This is a perfect example of supply and demand…the fact that interest rates, as well as prices, are starting to creep up has caused all those folks who have been waiting for the  “right time” to buy, to collectively say, “IT’S TIME TO BUY EVERYBODY!! LAST ONE THERE’S THE ROTTEN EGG!!”

So all the people that had been waiting to get out there and buy, have been getting out there to take advantage of rates before they go up too much. So a lot of our supply has been dwindling away to all of the local first-time buyers. Along with all the first-time buyer’s, we have another large demographic, the baby boomers.  All the baby boomers are starting to see their kids move out for college, or moving into their first homes, turning a majority of the baby boomer generation into “empty nesters”. So from a local standpoint only, we have younger adults and families purchasing their first homes, and then their parents are stuck in homes that are just way to big for one or two people. So many of these empty nesters are doing what makes sense to them, and that is to usually down size to a smaller home.

And finally, added to all the local demand that is here to start with, the DFW area is home to many large corporations, and their headquarters are based in the Metroplex. We see these big companies starting to relocate people from around the county, and bringing them to Texas. And it’s not just the giant corporations bringing jobs to the area. There are entire businesses that have begun leaving their home states just to take advantage of our location. DFW is the central hub for all business throughout the entire USA. Especially with the international airport being dead center within the metroplex, it is just so much easier for traveling businessmen to live in the area and fly out from DFW to wherever they need to be, you can get to both LA and NY in just a few hours, tops. We also attract even more people and businesses to the state because we do not have a state income tax, and who likes paying any tax? NOBODY.

When you take everything into consideration, from the first-time buyers to those who are looking to downsize. People that have been relocated through a large corporation or someone moving their own smaller business to the area for tax reasons. Plus all the other people that you have moving to the area, seeking out a great opportunity combined with lower taxes, and a lower cost of living. With all this considered it becomes incredibly clear as to why we only have two months of inventory. And it all comes back to the basic economics of supply versus demand. We have a HUGE demand for a tiny amount of inventory (It’s been 10 years since I took macro or micro economics, but I can see the graph in my mind..) and the graph in my brain shows that prices are on the rise, which they are.

If you were thinking about buying, don’t take this as a negative and decide you don’t want to pay a higher price for something, because prices have not gone up too high as of yet, and interest rates (especially when compared historically) are still pretty low. All this information is very useful because it shows you things are getting better, and that means things will start to increase in price.

But if you have been thinking about it, and you would like to try to buy something before prices go up a lot, I would jump into high-gear search mode, look through all the homes that make up the two month supply of inventory, and move quick on a home that you can see yourself living in for the next 5-7 years. And if you do get overwhelmed, confused or lost, or want help trying to find something that fits your needs that may not be listed yet, call up a Realtor and let them know you need a buyer’s agent that can assist you with finding “something of XX size, X/X bed/bath , with a pool and a yard, in Keller for no more than $500,000”

Looking for a home can get overwhelming, and exhausting, and if you don’t know what you are doing or you are not sure exactly where you want to be and what you want in a home, CALL ME OR EMAIL ME. My service will cost you nothing, and I will make sure to find a home that fits your lifestyle and will then negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the home for a fair price and all the terms of the contract are in your favor.

It can be daunting to do this on your own. Call me and you will have a great time throughout the entire home purchase process. Please call my cell 817 808 3159 or email me at if you have ANY questions, or if you would like some assistance with any real estate related issue. Take Care Everyone, and until next time, you stay classy DFW…..

Stephen Sandlin

Mortgage rates rise to the highest level in nearly 2 years – Jul. 11, 2013

Mortgage rates rise to the highest level in nearly 2 years – Jul. 11, 2013.

Ive been telling people for a couple months now that interest rates are on the rise and if they plan on purchasing a home in the near future then they need to act NOW. Dont let the opportunity for these amazing, historic, low-rates pass you buy. Also, prices are starting to rise as the economy, and the real estate markets continue to get better and better. Don’t get hit by this double whammy!! Call me or Email me TODAY and we can get out there and find you a home while these awesome rates are still here!!


I hope to see all you potential homeowners out in force this summer! If you have been waiting, the wait is OVER, GO ACT NOW!!

May Real Estate Report – Roanoke – Courtesy of Stewart Title!

Stewart Title Southlake does a great job of putting together a monthly market report for many of the cities in NE Tarrant County. The report is done in a way that anyone can understand, even if they are not involved in the real estate industry. Both buyers and sellers can use this market analysis to assist them in their decision to list there current home, purchase a new home, or do both. I am a firm believer in the saying “knowledge is power”, and I also believe it is incredibly important that knowledge should be freely shared amongst the general public. That being said, for all you folks interested in the city of Roanoke, here is the link to Stewart Title‘s monthly report for the city of Roanoke, TX.

May Real Estate Report – Roanoke.

If you have been considering making a move to Roanoke, or the surrounding areas, and the information in this report has got you thinking it may be time do something, you can email me or give me a call (my information is on the right hand column of this blog) and I will help you with any real estate questions you may have, as well as assist you in finding you a new home.

Have a great Tuesday! And remember, if you are looking to do ANYTHING real estate related, and you think you might need some assistance, I am your man!


The real estate market is HOT HOT HOT. Single-family home sales in NE Tarrant County are up 26.7% from this time last year, and the market is still gaining more momentum. With so many homes selling the current inventory is shrinking rapidly, 2.4 months worth down 42.8%!!! These numbers are just crazy! With everyone scrambling to buy and the inventory of available homes dwindling, we are starting to see home prices rise. In NE Tarrant County prices are up 4.5% to $178,000…if you have been thinking about buying I would suggest you get out there now to before prices climb even higher, and while you can still take advantage of these incredibly low interest rates.And it is not just NE Tarrant County that is seeing this kind of activity, statewide sales are up 17%. If you are even slightly interested in purchasing a new home in the coming months I would recommend that you reach out to a local Realtor as soon as possible so that you can capitalize on the current market.