Check out My eNewsletter for Current Market Trends and Real Estate News!

I have just published the first of many monthly newsletters which will contain a smorgasbord of information regarding real estate.  I hope it will be used as an educational tool for anyone interested in learning about real estate, from the basics to more advanced subject matter, each month there will be a smattering of articles and reports covering current real estate news, market data/statistics/trends and analysis – from the national, state and regional levels – it will cover a wide range of data so that many different people, from different backgrounds will find something of interest within each issue.

It will also contain the most up-to-date mortgage interest rates and information regarding different methods of financing all sorts of real estate deals – regular homestead SFR properties,  investor deals (flips, rehabs, buy and hold), small multifamily properties (du/tri/quadplex) and midsize to large multifamily properties (apartments and condominiums) – how and where to find the best rates for a traditional mortgage loan, hard money lenders, private lenders, owner finance and lease purchase, and any other type of financing that can be used to assist with the purchase of real estate.

My main goal for this newsletter is to create a publication that is followed by a loyal group of subscribers (fan base) that is slowly, yet steadily growing, year-after-year. I would also like to encourage my active subscribers to provide me with honest feedback regarding the newsletter. My goal is to create an incredibly informative newsletter that is always evolving and adapting to the times, I want my subscribers to be able to get the majority of their real estate needs answered through this single newsletter, a one stop shop for the most up to date market trends, popular interior and exterior style/design aesthetic, investing strategies, educational reports and articles, marketing and advertising tactics, et al…As long as I continue editing, updating and using this single newsletter format/template I will slowly build it up, mastering one section after another, until the newsletter becomes a pillar – along with my website(s), blog(s), and social media profiles – of both my online presence and master marketing machine.

To reach all these goals I will most likely have to wait a few years, but until then I recommend that you follow this link to the first ever Sandlin Realty eNewsletter(vol. 1, issue 1) In an effort to ensure the best newsletter possible, I ask that any feedback (questions, comments, criticism) provided be honest, if you present a concern regarding the current form or content, or have an idea you feel would greatly benefit the newsletter, we will try and incorporate it into the next build. After experimenting with the new idea over a certain period of time, we will take a measure of its efficacy and depending on its final numbers decide whether or not it will become a permanent fixture.



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